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Raven Liners: Offering Superior Resistance Against MIC Corrosion

Corrosion is a constant enemy in the world of industrial storage and control systems, and it can lead to very terrible consequences. Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is a type of corrosion that stands out as a very sneaky and damaging force. Microorganisms attack metals over and over again, making them weaker and putting assets and the environment at risk. 

But with our wide range of tank lining solutions here at Raven Liners, your storage tanks will get the protection they need. Our products have unparalleled resistance to MIC corrosion, and this perfectly explains why we have become a trusted partner among businesses seeking the most effective means of protecting their valuable assets. 

In this article, we will explain why our tank lining solutions here at Raven Liners are the most effective method to prevent MIC corrosion. We can help ensure the strength and security of your storage and control systems.

Innovative Methods for Biofilm Prevention

When microorganisms form biofilms on metal surfaces, a corrosive environment is generated that accelerates metal degradation. Our tank liners are manufactured with innovative formulations that prevent the formation of these harmful biofilms. These liners prevent MIC corrosion by denying microorganisms a hospitable environment, thereby preserving the structural integrity of your assets.

Effective, Effortless, and Uncompromising Defense

Seams and joints in conventional liners create potential entry routes for microorganisms, which can promote MIC corrosion. Our tank liners, on the other hand, may be applied without any gaps or leaks, so that the resulting barrier is consistent and completely watertight. Your storage and containment systems will be protected from corrosion for years to come, thanks to this seamless design that eliminates any entry points for germs.

Outstanding resistance to microbial attack

Modern materials with exceptional resistance to microbial attack are employed in the construction of our liner products. These specially selected materials have undergone extensive testing to ensure that they can withstand severe environmental conditions, including the presence of microorganisms. With their durable composition, these liners serve as a formidable shield, preventing MIC corrosion and protecting your assets from harm.

Continuous Inspection and Monitoring

Our team here at Raven Liners is serious about protecting your property. We offer constant tracking and inspection services so that we can quickly spot any signs of corrosion or wear and tear. Regular inspections make sure that your liners stay in great shape and that any upkeep or repairs that need to be done are done right away. This keeps the liner’s resistance to MIC corrosion intact.

Chemical Stability for Microbial Containment

The chemical stability of Raven Liners’ tank liners makes them resistant to the severe conditions caused by corrosive substances and aggressive chemicals. This property is essential for preventing the growth and spread of microorganisms that flourish in such environments, thereby reducing the risk of MIC corrosion.

pH Management and Microbe Inhibition

Corrosion of MICs occurs frequently in environments with specific pH levels that promote microbial growth. Our liners integrate features that aid in controlling and regulating pH levels within the protected system, thereby preventing microbial colonization. They help fortify your storage and containment systems against MIC corrosion by inhibiting microbial growth.

Features That Promote Health and Sanitation

In addition to corrosion resistance, a liner for use in the food, pharmaceutical, and drinking water industries should be able to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. These exacting standards are easily met by Raven Liners. In addition to being resistant to MIC corrosion, our tank liners’ smooth, non-porous surface also resists microbial attachment and buildup, helping to keep things clean.

Durable in Varying Environments

Corrosion caused by MICs can be very damaging to storage systems if the right conditions aren’t met. Our liners are constructed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including exposure to high humidity, heat, and sunlight. These liners will continue to guard against MIC corrosion for a very long time thanks to their resistance even in extreme weather conditions.

Protect Your Assets Against MIC Corrosion with Storage Tank Inspection! 

When it comes to MIC corrosion, prevention is always better than a fix. Raven Liners take a proactive approach to preventing MIC by making sure that corrosive chemicals can’t get through. Our liners can stop the first steps of MIC corrosion by making it hard for microorganisms to grow in the right conditions. This keeps corrosion from taking hold in the storage or containment system.

Our tank liners’ superior resistance to MIC corrosion is the result of a combination of innovative formulations, seamless application, exceptional material resistance, and continuous monitoring.

Contact us today if you’d like us to provide protection for your storage and containment systems from the relentless forces of MIC corrosion!

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