Void Liners

Void Liners

Void spaces can be found in various construction projects, such as tunnels, basements, and underground structures.

These voids need effective protection to ensure structural integrity, prevent water infiltration, and maintain overall safety.

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Why Need Void Liners?

A void liner, also known as a void space liner or encapsulation liner, is a specialized lining system designed to encapsulate and contain void spaces within structures or underground installations. Void Liners act as a protective barrier to prevent the migration of liquids, gases, or contaminants into or out of the void space.

Our void liners are versatile and reliable solutions designed to effectively manage and control void spaces in various applications. Whether you need to encapsulate underground storage tanks, create barriers in construction projects, or prevent soil erosion, we have the right void liner for you.


Raven Liners Provide Efficient Installation of Void Liners

The installation of void liners requires careful planning, proper preparation of the void space, and precise installation techniques to ensure a secure and effective encapsulation. Regular inspections and maintenance of the void liner are also necessary to keep it in good working condition.

At Raven Liners, we have developed a deep understanding of void protection solutions. Raven Liner technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment to ensure efficient and precise installation of void liners.

No void in a cavity Raven Liners can’t tailor a solution for!

Because of their irregular shapes, most of a building’s voids, cavities, and empty areas go unused.

Raven Liners has specialists in water tank liners who can precisely measure and produce a liner for your specific needs. We can modify our products to fit cavities of any size, shape, or complexity.

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