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Combat Algae and Vermin: How Raven Liners Secure Your Tanks

Storage tanks play a vital role in various industries, such as agriculture, mining, manufacturing, fire protection, oil and gas, food production, and a lot more. However, these tanks are highly susceptible to algae growth and vermin infestation. Aside from compromising the integrity of the tank, these issues pose significant health and safety hazards. For storage tanks to last longer and be more efficient, they need high-quality tank liners. 

Raven Industries, a leading provider of innovative tank lining solutions, offers tank liners that do more than just prevent corrosion. These liners can also effectively safeguard storage tanks against the threat of algae and vermin.

How? Read on to find out!

The Threat of Algae Growth

Algae growth is a common problem in storage tanks, especially those containing water or other liquids exposed to sunlight. Beware of algae during the start of the summer season because they thrive in warm and humid conditions, forming green or brown layers that not only contaminate the stored material but also reduce the storage tank’s capacity.

Algae-affected water is unsuitable for drinking because it will affect the taste and quality of water. If the water has been contaminated with algae, it will smell putrid and will turn either green or blue-green.

In some cases, algae can release toxins, leading to adverse health effects for consumers. Additionally, algae create a conducive environment for the growth of harmful bacteria, further exacerbating the problem.

The Challenge of Vermin Infestation

Another huge challenge faced by storage tanks is vermin infestation. Rats and mice, for instance, can find their way into tanks through small openings or damaged areas. However, vermin classification does not stop at mice and rats because birds, worms, roaches, lizards, and insects are also considered vermin and should be on the list too. Once inside, these pests contaminate the contents, cause blockages, and damage internal components.

Vermin infestations are extremely dangerous to health and safety because these pests can transmit serious diseases like Salmonella, which can contaminate the contents of a storage tank. A vermin infestation not only leads to product spoilage but also poses health risks and potentially expensive repairs.

How Raven Liners Combat Algae and Vermin

Raven Industries has developed tank liners that offer comprehensive protection against algae growth and vermin infestation. Here are the measures of how our liners here at Raven Liners can effectively secure your storage tanks:

1. Algae-Resistant Properties

Our tank liners are engineered with materials that incorporate algae-resistant properties. The liners create a barrier that reduces light penetration into the tank, inhibiting the growth of algae. This prevents the formation of green or brown layers, ensuring the stored material remains uncontaminated and the tank’s storage capacity remains unaffected.

2. Durable Construction

The tank liners we offer are made from premium materials designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Their durability ensures that they remain intact and effective in combating algae growth over an extended period. By preventing algae growth, our tank liners contribute to maintaining water quality, especially in storage tanks used for water treatment, agricultural irrigation, or potable water storage.

3. Pest-repellent Barrier

Our tank liners are specially designed to create a barrier that effectively repels vermin and insects. With their tight fit and resistant materials, these liners prevent pests from finding entry points into the storage tank. This protective barrier ensures that the stored material remains uncontaminated, preserving its quality and preventing costly spoilage.

4. Custom Fit and Versatility

We offer customization options to fit storage tanks of various sizes and shapes, regardless of the material used in tank construction. This custom fit ensures that there are no gaps or vulnerabilities that would allow pests or sunlight to compromise the storage tank’s integrity. The versatility of our tank liners allows them to cater to different industries, offering tailored solutions for specific storage needs.

Stop Vermin and Algae Before It Is Too Late!

Combating algae growth and vermin infestation in storage tanks is critical for maintaining product quality, preventing costly repairs, and ensuring the safety of consumers and the environment. Investing in high-quality tank liners allows you to effectively combat algae and vermin challenges, extending the lifespan of their storage tanks and prioritizing the safety and integrity of stored materials.

Protect your tanks and preserve their efficiency and reliability with Raven Liners – your ultimate defense against algae and vermin threats. Do not let vermin and algae compromise your storage tanks. Get in touch with us today and have your storage tanks fortified with our premium tank liners!

 You can send us an email at info@ravenliners.com.au.Or, you may call us at 1800 907 834.

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