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Vermin vs Raven Liners: Protecting Your Storage Tanks from Unseen Threats

Industries and businesses rely on storage tanks because they provide a secure and efficient means of storing materials, ranging from water and chemicals to petroleum and agricultural supplies. While there are many threats to storage tanks that are visible, such as corrosion and leaks, there is an unseen menace that can compromise the storage tank’s integrity and contaminate stored materials inside – vermin.

These pests, such as rodents and insects, can cause significant damage to tanks, leading to costly repairs and safety hazards. Raven Liners, renowned for their preventive protection solutions, have emerged as a formidable defense against vermin and other unseen threats.

In this blog, we will explore the threat of vermin and the role of Raven Liners in protecting storage tanks from these unseen threats.

How Damaging Are Vermins to Storage Tanks

Rats, mice, and their varieties can find their way into tanks through small openings or damaged areas. However, classifying vermin does not stop with mice and rats because birds, worms, roaches, lizards, and insects are also considered as vermin and should be on the list too.

When your storage tank is infested with vermin, it poses a great threat to health and safety because these pests can transmit serious diseases like Salmonella, which can contaminate the contents of a storage tank.

A small opening or damaged area in a storage tank can allow vermin to infiltrate the tank. Once inside, they can cause considerable damage  and pose multiple threats:

1. Structural Damage

Vermin can gnaw through storage tank walls, insulation, seals, and plastic and lead pipes to obtain food or water, compromising the storage tank’s structural integrity. This damage can lead to leaks that leave visible sediment on the bottom of the tank, thereby weakening the storage tank’s structure and risking hazardous spills.

2. Contamination of Stored Material

A vermin infestation can introduce harmful bacteria into a storage tank, such as Salmonella and Leptospirosis. This can compromise the safety and quality of stored materials. In addition to posing health risks to consumers, these contaminants can damage sensitive tank materials, resulting in expensive tank replacements.

3. Electrical Hazards

More often than not, vermin can chew through electrical wires and both internal and external components connected to the storage tank. The result could be a fire or equipment malfunction due to electrical hazards.

The Shield Against Vermin Infestation

Raven Tanks have long been recognized for their effectiveness in preventing corrosion, leaks, and UV degradation. However, Raven Liners as a shield against vermin and other unseen threats is equally essential. Here is how Raven Liners combat the menace of vermin:


An impermeable liner is the best liner and Raven Liners’ materials are engineered to be airtight, leaving no space for vermin to infiltrate the tank. The liner’s seamless and secure fit acts as a barrier against pest entry, safeguarding the tank’s contents from contamination.

Durability and Resistance

Raven Liners are designed to withstand harsh conditions, including extreme weather patterns and pest attacks. Their durable materials and resistance to gnawing make them a formidable defense against vermin damage.

Pest-Repellent Barrier

The materials used to create Raven Liners are specially designed to create a barrier that effectively repels vermin and insects. With their tight fit and resistant materials, these liners prevent pests from finding entry points into the storage tank. This protective barrier ensures that the stored material remains uncontaminated, preserving its quality and preventing costly spoilage.

Prevention of Hidden Entry Points

Customized Raven Liners fit storage tanks precisely, eliminating gaps and hidden entry points that could serve as access for vermin. This meticulous fit prevents vermin from exploiting weaknesses in the storage tank’s structure.

Subdue Vermin Infestation with Raven Liners!

While the threat of vermin may be unseen and unexpected, its potential impact on storage tanks is undeniable. Preventive measures, such as the high-quality Raven Liners, are crucial to safeguarding tanks from this menace. By investing in Raven Liners, you can prevent structural damage, contamination, and electrical hazards caused by vermin. 

As a trusted partner in storage tank safety and efficiency, Raven Liners continues to set the standard for preventive protection, ensuring that your storage tanks remain fortified against all unseen threats, including vermin.

Do not let vermin compromise your storage tanks and the materials they hold. Invest in the power of Raven Liners and shield your tanks from the unseen menace, securing the integrity and efficiency of your valuable assets. With Raven Liners by your side, you can rest assured that your storage tanks are well-protected, delivering lasting value and protection for years to come. To fortify your storage tanks against vermin, contact us today!

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